ZERO-TEN is an award-winning full service creative agency specialized in public arts and entertainment based in Fukuoka, Japan with clients all over the globe. 

We work in a wide range of creative production collaboratively.  Our services include the following but not limited to Video Production, Digital Arts and Projection Mapping Creation, Event Production, IT and Web Development, and Graphic Design. 


Zero-Ten production consists of three steps.


All things have innate beauty ——.
Our creative production process begins with finding out and identifying that innate
beauty that products and clients possess and want to emphasise.
In that sense, we can say that we are both a production group and a creative group.


Then, we think and discuss what should be specifically done in order to effectively draw out, amplify and spread that beauty to people? Our planning ability to come up with an answer to that question has been nurtured through borderless creation that moves from art to design to entertainment.


In the implementation phase, we need to have the ability to overcome various barriers and restrictions and to express it into a “functional expression” that actually moves people.
Only because we have that know-how are we able to truly bring out the aesthetics of our materials.